SEP 25-27, 2023

No matter what you believe about yourself, Allah put in you the potential to raise greatness. 

"Do I have what it takes to raise strong Muslims in this scary world?"

We dream to see our children grow into strong and upstanding believers - those who have compassion for others while grounded by their deep connection to Allah. 

How can we raise outstanding Muslims to be even better than we ever could?

Despite our imperfections, our shortcomings, our triggers?

Look, Allah chose you to be your kids' parent. 

Nobody can parent them better than you. 

First, discover your triggers

Do you pause before asking your kids to catch their Salah or clean up their mess because you can foresee the shouting match and the toddler tantrum running in the background?

Perhaps you’re exhausted from all the meal planning, lunch packing and dish washing…

So you just let them carry on with their screen time. It’s only 8 am anyway and you can’t afford another emotional breakdown.

You are not alone!

After speaking with thousands of moms and dads, we found that almost everyone has felt the overbearing guilt of wanting to quit and walk away

And not to mention the constant second guessing and nagging uncertainty, questioning...

Second, embrace your imperfection

Firstly, it’s not about the parenting technique pushed these days. 

It’s about what you need to do for YOU - first and foremost - in these 3 areas:

1. Your spiritual state and connection to Allah
2. Your emotional wellbeing and your EQ
3. Your personal and social development

This is why DiscoverU has invited 3 educators specialized in their respective fields of family counselling, mental health, child psychology, and parenting... bring you the 3-Day Imperfect Parents Raising Nation Builders Challenge.

Third, build your spiritually uplifted home

Look you're incredibly busy. That's why this retreat is designed to bring you key, transformative knowledge in the shortest time possible.

In 3 days, you'll get practical tools on:

  • ​Understanding Your Triggers For More Peaceful Parenting
  • ​How To Connect With Your Kids At Any Age
  • ​How To Create A Spiritually Uplifting Home For Your Family
  • ​BONUS: Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef (rA) exclusive lesson on raising nation builders
  • ​​USTADHA SARAH SULTAN is a licensed professional counsellor and an instructor with Mishkah University, where she teaches a course about the intersections between Islam, psychology, and counselling.  
  • ​YOUSRA KAMEL KANDIL is a motivational speaker known for her moving talks on spirituality, motherhood, and emotional wellbeing.
  • USTADHA HOSAI MOJADDIDI is a spiritual counsellor and parenting educator who has also authored a children's book on manners. 

What happens next?

When you join the Imperfect Parents Raising Nation Builders Challenge, you'll have immediate access to:

🔹 a global community of Muslim moms and dads inside the Private Facebook Group
🔹 LIVE sessions on Monday to Wednesday starting September 25, 2023
🔹 a chance to ask questions during the LIVE sessions
🔹 a chance to win prizes for live attendance and participation
🔹 sponsoring an orphan with your ticket

Together, we'll learn how to bring harmony to our home, peace to our mornings, and our entire family onto the same page with the barakah of Allah.


How much does the Challenge cost?
The challenge cost $5 USD to join with all proceeds going towards sponsoring an orphan.

You can also join the VIP package for an additional $27 USD, add this to your cart when you check out for further bonuses and lifetime access to session replays.
What are the dates and times of the Challenge sessions?
The Challenge starts on Monday October 24 - Friday October 28.

All sessions will be at 11am EDT.

Replays will be available inside the Challenge Facebook Group for the duration of the event, once the event is over the replays will only be available to those who purchase the VIP package.
Where will the challenge take place?
The Challenge will take place inside a private Facebook Group, once you register you will receive access links to join. It is important to join this group to get access to the sessions.
I can't make the sessions, will there be replays available?
Replays will be available inside the Challenge Facebook Group for the duration of the event, once the event is over the replays will only be available to those who purchase the VIP package.
How long will each session last?
The sessions will last approximately 1 hour.
How much is the VIP package?
The VIP package costs an additional $27 USD and will give you lifetime access to the recordings and access to an exclusive lesson with Menahal Begawala, Licensed Mental Health Therapist - How To Vanquish the Silent Killers: Stress & Burnout.
How can I register?
Simply click on the button below, fill out the cart page and you'll receive your access to the Challenge group instantly.


With every challenge DiscoverU hosts, thousands of participating students have helped sponsor orphans around the world for a full year, alhamdulilah. 

As you personally grow and benefit from the Challenge, 100% of your $5 ticket is donated to Islamic Relief's Orphan Sponsorship Program. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the 3-Day Imperfect Parents Raising Nation Builders Challenge? 
This is a 3-day live challenge that is highly suggested for parents to educate them on how to raise their children and strengthen their connection with Allah as one family. DiscoverU invited three educators who specialise in family counselling, mental health, child psychology, and parenting.
What can I learn from this?
This retreat is designed to provide you with critical, transforming knowledge over the course of three days. You will acquire practical methods for sunnah parenting, rediscover who you are beyond parenthood, understand how children demonstrate and demand love, and, most importantly, take care of your emotional and mental well-being.
How much does it cost?
The challenge has a registration fee of $5, proceeds of which will be donated to help sponsor orphans.
Where does the challenge take place?
The challenge will take place entirely within the private Facebook group, to which you will have immediate access after registering.
What if I can't make the live timings?
The Challenge will take place daily at 11am ET for the three days Sept 25 - 27th, 2023.

The replay of the challenge will only be available for the period of the challenge, but you can upgrade to "Lifetime Access To Challenge Replays" to receive lifetime access to the recordings. 
I don't have Facebook, can I join?
We strongly encourage you to create a temporary Facebook account if you do not already have one in order to fully participate in the challenge. The experience within the group will be quite helpful, providing you with the opportunity to share and connect with your peers. This is an interactive event, and your active participation is required.
Can I gift this to someone? 
Yes. When registering select the 'This is a gift' option. Ensure that you enter the name/email/etc for the person you wish to buy the program for. (*All login details and further notifications are sent to the email addresses provided upon registration).
For the payment details you can enter your own card/paypal information if you are buying as a gift for someone. They will then receive all necessary information to their emails provided.
I changed my mind; can I get a refund?
If you notify us before midnight on September 25, 2023, you will receive a complete refund with no questions asked.
How can I contact DiscoverU Support? Where can I get further information?
You can email our support team at: or WhatsApp at: +447728716777
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